Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to class? Are extra mats available to borrow?

  • We highly recommend bringing a water bottle. We have a fresh water jug available if you run out and need to re-fill at the studio, as hydration is key in hot yoga. And yes, we do have extra mats to borrow- but if you have your own, we encourage bringing that. Also, it's likely you will get sweaty especially in a hot class, so if you have a sweat/mat towel you can bring that.  We do have extra sweat towels that you can borrow as well!

If I am new to yoga, what classes do you recommend?

  • If you have never tried yoga nor hot yoga and want to ease into that, we suggest starting with a Low&Slow class, or one of the Low-Heat Vinyasa classes. However, all of our classes are open to all levels, and instructors are great with offering modifications and demonstrating poses. Just tell your instructor before class if you are new so they can keep that in mind. We encourage the first-timer week/month specials to really get the chance to try all styles and instructors and find your niche!

What is the difference between Vinyasa and Hot Hatha classes?

  • Vinyasa essentially means linking breath to movement through a "flow" sequence. Throughout class you are constantly transitioning between postures with your breath and completing a chatturanga, upward dog, to downward dog sequence between. Our Hot Hatha class is structured similar to Bikram-yoga classes. You will complete 26 poses, each two times with a specific number of breaths holding each posture. You start with a standing series, and end with seated postures.

What about Yoga Sculpt?

  • If you are totally new to hot yoga, this is probably not the best class to start with, as it incorporates weights (3-8 lbs) and cardio throughout the practice (weights are optional and you need to bring your own). We suggest drinking a lot of water throughout the day before and after. However, you will notice significant changes in your endurance and strength after attending a few classes consistently! This is a great class for athletes, or those looking for even more of a workout in their practice.

What temperature is the room?

  • This is a real deal hot yoga studio. For hot classes, the temperature is about 102-105 degrees. We keep the humidifiers going at all times, creating a nice heat. In our low-heat classes, the temp is in the 80s.

I have an injury, will I be okay to practice?

  • Yoga is often a great form of physical (and mental) therapy. However, listen to your body and please tell your instructor if you have an injury or anything that may affect your practice, so they can offer appropriate modifications.

Do I need to register for a class before attending?

  • Nope! Just show up before class and sign-in at the studio. If it's your first time, come 10-15 minutes beforehand to complete a short waiver and get settled.