Our Yogis


Raquel Pappas

"I began my yoga journey in high school. I was drawn to a heated yoga studio in Chicago in the midst of winter, and found the atmosphere and classes  to be not only a release from the harsh cold, but a great compliment to competitive cheerleading.  I explored several yoga studios and teachers when I went to college in Los Angeles, and my practice was consistently an outlet I could rely on to rejuvenate and center me.

After graduating college, I moved back to my hometown of Chicago and shortly thereafter pursued a dream of mine to go to India to study yoga and get immersed in the culture. For one month I practiced Ashtanga yoga at the K. Pattabhi Jois Institute under the direction of Saraswathi Jois, alongside yogis from all over the world. This inspired me to immerse myself in a teacher training upon returning to Chicago, where I earned my 200 YTT Certificate at YogaView, one of my favorite studios in the city. Quickly after finishing the training, the opportunity arose to start a yoga program at a studio opening up in the neighborhood I grew up in, where I taught for one year. Summer of 2016  I moved to Washington, where I am beyond excited to be able to run Kitsap Hot Yoga in such a special community. Expect my classes to have great music and great vibes, and cultivate strength, opening, and peace of body and mind!"

Jessica Marcoux

" The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body"-Jason Crendell

Jessica just completed her 200hr teacher training with Molly Lannon Kenney who founded the Samarya Center. She also has a Level1 Certificate from Yogafit obtained in 2016.
"I fell in love with yoga about 4 years ago and have since continued to develop my practice. For me yoga is a journey where physical awareness and spiritual enlightenment come together. My intention is to provide a safe space where students will feel challenged, nurtured,empowered and inspired."



Lang Charters

"I view and experience yoga as a gift. A beautiful and challenging gift that brings us greater health, wholeness, and connection, which combine to open us up to give and receive greater love. Yoga helps us connect and grow stronger both internally and externally.  I say this because while I initially took to it as purely a physical practice, in the midst of a traumatic and isolating period of my life I discovered it as so much more.  I've found practicing yoga (re)connects our own mind, body, and spirit, as well as with those of other people.  It brings unity and harmony within us and with others.

My heart and passion is to journey with others toward greater health, wholeness, connection, and love, and that's why I teach yoga.  I wholeheartedly agree with MC YOGI in concluding: Yoga helps us be strong in our cores and soft in our hearts.  As such, I teach yoga as both a work out and a work in, focusing on breath, core, and mindful awareness, while creating a positive and encouraging environment.  I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training with Meghan Currie. I practice yoga as a moving meditation and love people, arm-balances, and Vinyasa."

Jennifer DiIorio

"I've been teaching yoga for 10 years and doing yoga for almost 23 years. I've learned that there is no perfect pose or perfect body. Yoga is a practice of awareness of oneself and we are always changing. I find much enjoyment in giving people a place to find themselves where ever they are. Anyone can do yoga.  It's great on the joints and helps with flexibility, injury prevention and range of motion. Please join me in class on Mondays ."

Drew Kunz


"A Midwestern boy, I grew up in Wisconsin surrounded by minibikes and a haze of Pink Floyd. Through my teen years I developed a passion for punk rock, MTV and the Upanishads. At any rate, I’d have to say that my yoga journey didn’t really begin until I was in college—it’s then that I attended my first class and met Linda Ryan who was teaching in an old brick warehouse lining the banks of the Milwaukee River. I still can hear the sweet sound of the radiators clanging. Something just clicked, and I ended up studying and practicing with her for roughly seven years.

I realize that the more I listen to and trust myself—as well as my body—the deeper the connection I feel toward others. Yoga continuously takes me to the present moment. It’s an ever-evolving practice that nudges me awake, asks me to pay attention, be receptive and dive deep into who I am.

I am immensely grateful to my family for their continuing support, to Linda for opening the door that took me into this life-changing practice, to Molly Lannon Kenny for her fearless strength and encouragement, to Clara Roberts-Oss whose energy, sequencing and assists changed everything for me, to Tozen Akiyama Roshi, Robin Kornman and Paul Muller-Ortega for showing me that truly the practice is life itself—and to everything under the sun. I am excited to share what I have to share. To share this path with you, to be part of this long line of students practicing, learning, and growing together"

Nicole Ekin

"I grew up playing various sports in Los Angeles, yet no activity I did was right for me. 

I first knew I was hooked on yoga the day after I held a self taught class in 1997. I had printed off a series of poses from the internet, and followed the directions on my living room floor. Never in my life was I as sore as the day after, and from then on I was hooked. My body had never felt so strong and limber.  My philosophy since has been to do yoga, of some form Every. Single. Day..

 As a result my life is infinitely richer. As a yogi, I would love to share that same bliss with you. Please come join me. 

When I am not on the mat, you will find me in the inner city of Tacoma as a nurse in the ER or being Mom to 3 of the best and most energetic kids you could ever meet. I also enjoy  cooking, painting, gardening for growing my own food, hiking and live music. I believe in living life to the fullest, I am truly blessed.

Namaste. "

IMG-8412 (1).jpg

Victoria Renfro

"I've lived in Poulsbo my entire life,  I graduated from North Kitsap in 2012, and I've worked at Latte On Your Way for the last 4 years. I am so excited to join the Kitsap Hot Yoga family.

I first experienced yoga almost 3 years ago and fell in love with it.  I recently received my yoga teacher training certificate through Bodhi Yoga Academy, after attending a 200 hour intensive program in Koh Samui, Thailand. I've always loved making others feel appreciated, so I'm over-joyed to share my passion of this practice with you."





Terrish Bilbrey


Terrish was born and raised in Tennessee and has traveled the world for the past 20 years years serving in the US Navy.  She wandered to yoga in 2008 looking for something new and challenging.   Yoga quickly became another humbling activity to add into her active lifestyle and she fell in love.  Yoga helped her heal from years of a demanding and stressful military lifestyle.  She feels that yoga brings balance to everything in the world.  Self-confidence, self-love and love for everyone are just a few of the benefits she has received

- 2011 She completed 200 RYT at Hot Asana Studio in Southern Pines, NC.  Terrish was a student of Yax Yoga Concepts and later that year she also completed 30 hours of Hot Yoga Training with Yax Yoga Concepts.                                                               - 2012 She completed 100 hours of hatha teacher training at Samudra Yoga Studio in Bremerton, WA.  She was a student of Conscious Community Yoga
- 2013 She completed 200 RYT at Indie Yoga Studio Ocean Beach in San Diego, CA. -During the years 2012-2017 Terrish taught over 450 hours of yoga to Military Service Members and their families.  She feels the Military is in need of yoga for healing on so many different levels, and she feels blessed to have been able to give back to the organization that helped mold her life.  As a teacher Terrish strives to ignite power and energy, inspire tranquility through breath and relaxation and remind students that they are their own best teacher!

 Terrish currently calls Kitsap County home and enjoys gardening, surfing, learning, riding bikes, meeting new people.  Join her for life changing classes and workshops.

Mabel Butler


As a nursing assistant of more than 15 years, Mabel has always had a passion to want to help others. While on a quest to improve her physical fitness at the beginning of 2016, it was then that she discovered Yoga. After falling in love with the practice, she ventured on to study yoga teacher training at Federal Way, Washington. Mabel found her dharma while in the program and sought to teach locally as a way to reach out to her community and share the same gift that was shared with her when she first started practicing yoga.

Originally trained in the art of Hatha Yoga, Mabel has also spent the last 2 years immersing herself in heated and non heated Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Acro Vinyasa. Mabel is a devoted practioner who believes that Yoga is for everyone and would like to continue to reach out to others to share the benefits of the physical and spiritual practice.




Tess Floyd

"I am a trained Biologist from Colorado now working on my Biomedical Science degree at UW! My husband is in the Navy and we received orders to Bangor in May and have been loving the Washington life! I began my yoga journey to supplement my weight lifting and running training. I was finding that I was maxing out and not reaching the goals I had set for myself. I came to Kitsap Hot Yoga with a fellow Navy wife and fell in love with the Yoga Sculpt class. After regularly attending the class I saw my body and my training transform. Not only was the yoga sculpt class a great workout but I loved the culture of the yoga community and how I felt on my mat. In the yoga sculpt class you will sweat more than you knew was possible and push your body and mind to a whole new level. There will be exciting music to get you ready and keep you at a high-level effort! It’s a tough class but you’ll love the way you feel after!






Caitlin Ward


"I grew up in Delaware, “the small wonder”. I studied Elementary and Special Education at the University of Delaware. After college, I moved to Richmond, VA for a change of pace and lived there for 5 years before moving to Washington to fulfill my husband’s newest military orders. I have been an avid runner for a while now, but I fell in love with group fitness a few years ago. After attending various classes, I decided to pursue a certification to become an instructor. I have predominantly taught Boot Camp and HIIT style classes, but there have also been some Barre and Pilates classes in the mix. Regardless of the class style, I’m always up for new challenges and love surrounding myself with inspiring people, which is why I love Kitsap Hot Yoga! My practice is a part of me and the only part of my day where I get to turn my mind off and focus on myself. It helps me stay grounded, confident, and rejuvenated.My classes are challenging, but differentiated. All ability levels are welcome and can feel comfortable knowing there are options and modifications to support you wherever you are in your practice. I’m also very upbeat and will provide lots of encouragement in helping you reach your goals."




Julia O’Connell


“Originally from this small town of Poulsbo. I moved away in 2001 to Bellingham WA and completed my degree in Community Health Education. Worked for a few years in the field and then my husband and I started our little family with three little girls in Maple Valley. After the birth of baby number three I started practicing in a hot studio and was instantly hooked to the physical practice of yoga, but fell in love with how much more yoga had to offer. I began teaching yoga 2 years later, followed by Barre, sculpt, pilates and TRX and have loved every second of it. We recently moved back to Poulsbo last year. Although, I teach many different styes of classes, I am most passionate about power Vinyasa classes. I always offer modifications, but also LOVE to allow lots of opportunities to get inverted and play with a new arm balance and fun transitions once multiple arm balances are part of a students practice . When I am not practicing on my mat, I love just about anything that keeps my hands and mind busy. I love building furniture, cooking, baking, hiking, learning and reading about health and fitness and always snuggling with my girlies.

Alexis Nasim


Alexis grew up in Los Angeles and has been living in Honolulu the last 7 years. While studying at the university and learning more about Hawai‘i’s natural resources, she integrating into the local lifestyle. Alexis became inspired to commit to a more healthy and balanced life. She began practicing yoga regularly and has continued to this day. Almost immediately she felt the benefits that yoga offered for the mind and body. Every practice she felt a little more flexible, stronger and a calmness of mind that helped her re-approach difficult situations or problems with a new perspective. She was inspired to grow her own practice and completed two 200 hour teacher training at CorePower Yoga (Power Vinyasa & Hot Power Fusion). Through her teacher training experience, she has expanded her understanding of the many different ways yoga serves people and continues to explore these avenues. She is a school teacher and has incorporated yoga into her classroom. Children also love and appreciate yoga! She would love to share and learn more about the impacts of yoga with her fellow yogis.

Roger Ferguson


After years of running and weightlifting, Roger tried yoga as a way to relieve tension, improve flexibility, and find a new challenge.  He was immediately drawn to yoga sculpt and hot yoga.  He started regular practice 2015 and found profound benefit physically, mentally, and spiritually from regular practice.  Inspired by his instructors, he completed Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training and 200 hour Power Yoga Teacher Training in 2016.  Roger has been teaching Yoga Sculpt and Power Vinyasa Yoga ever since in Hawaii, Washington DC, and now here in Poulsbo.  Outside the yoga studio, Roger is a career Submarine Officer who enjoys running, aikido, and his wonderful family. 


Mindy Tonti


"Yoga has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Yoga started with my mom balancing my energy and turned into me watching my sister and mom start there physical yoga journey. The practice never felt like my thing. I had yet to have my “aha” moment in yoga. In the middle of one particularly brutal Seattle winter, I decided to try a hot hatha studio just to feel some warmth. I fell in love that first class and found myself diving into the practice.

Yoga became yet another way to connect with my family and through my mom and sister I learned and fell in love with ashtanga, yin, and vinyasa flow.

Yoga has taught me the tools to survive through heartbreak and death as well as the tools to thrive through love and friendship.I found asana and pranayama as tools to be a better version of myself. The daily practice, whether 5 minutes of meditation or hours of asana, now informs the entirety of my life.

I appreciate the vast complexity of the yoga practice. The asana keeps me present in my body and helps me to feel strong and connected. Pranayama practice has taught me an avenue to navigate through life with patience and compassion. Yoga philosophy has gifted me with an excitement to learn, read, and discuss. I appreciate community and how the practice has opened my eyes to such a beautiful and accepting one.

I went to study under Ganga White and Tracy Rich with the intention of deepening my own practice. Through the YTT process I discovered how much I wanted to teach, how I wanted to give the gift of yoga to everyone. In my classes you will find fluid movement including playful asana with strength and breath. I am excited about teaching a safe and sustainable yoga for a lifelong practice.

When I'm off my mat you might find me training for a distance run, hiking, or exploring the PNW with my lab mutt, Asparagus. "

Elizabeth Tonti


"My yoga journey began in my late teens when I discovered Ashtanga. Battling an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, and a debilitating obsession with perfectionism, yoga became (and remains) my lifeline.  I brought my yoga mat with me when I moved across the country to attend undergrad and continued to practice the Ashtanga primary series during study breaks. My practice got me though college, law school, the bar exam, another cross-country move to the rural South, and the beginning of my legal career. Through moments of loss, grief, change, celebration, and growth, my yoga practice has been a constant and has seen me through it all. While the fear, self-doubt, and inner-critic never completely disappear, through this practice I find more moments of peace in my body and in my mind.

Yoga has been one of greatest gifts of my life; I became a teacher in order to give back and make this profound practice accessible to others. I completed my YTT at the Grinning Yogi in Seattle, WA, and studied under a number of magical teachers, including Jamie Silverstein and Tara Dyberg. My mission as a teacher is to hold space for practitioners to show up on the mat and connect with the breath, the body, and the inner-self, with authenticity, curiosity, compassion, courage, and authenticity.  My intention is to create a brave space where students can experience personal and spiritual growth. I endeavor to craft body-positive, intelligently sequenced classes, with a focus on breath and mindfulness. Because I view the asana practice as inextricably intertwined with the spiritual and mental aspects of yoga, I provide students the space to work with a non-physical intention throughout practice. I have an unbridled, ridiculous sense of humor; I absolutely love yoga puns and corny jokes, which sometimes just happen to come out in the middle of class. My classes are often themed; I draw inspiration from the yoga sutras, literature, nature, current events, and invite students to contemplate how we can take a practice like Ahimsa off of the mat and into the world. Yoga changed my life and the lives of countless others; it has the power to fundamentally change the world. 

Bekah Gilbert


“I originally hail from Pennsylvania, but my inner nomad pushed me to migrate to the West Coast.  I graduated from graduate school 4 years ago with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  I quickly realized when I was no longer swamped in tests and homework that I needed something more.  I have been active my entire life, but dance has always been my passion.  When I took my first yoga class, I remember laying in Savasana feeling like I finally found myself another home and a new passion.  In September 2017 I attended a 200 hour YTT in Thailand. The primary focus for my training was Ashtanga, however I have modified my teaching style to include Vinyasa Flow/Power Yoga and Yin.  While I enjoy creating fast and fun yang sequences, I have also learned the value of yin and meditation.  In my classes you will find a mix of Yin and Yang styles that create an equal energy balance.  I teach because I truly believe everyone and any body type will benefit from a yoga practice.   Yoga is self-care for the body, heart and mind and every being deserves this gift. “

Jayme Degooyer

yoga photo.JPG

“I grew up in New Hampshire and found my way out to the beautiful Pacific North West about 7 years ago.  I discovered yoga soon after I arrived here to the West Coast while recovering from an injury.  It changed my life.  It helped me learn to listen to my body giving me both mental and physical strength to heal. 

I completed my 200 hour teacher training with Tiffany Cruikshank, founder of Yoga Medicine.  Last year I completed Mindful Resilience Training with the Veterans Yoga Project(VYP) and became the VYP Ambassador for Washington state as well as a local instructor.  I’ve focused my efforts on establishing new classes at local Veteran Centers in our area.  I’ve found that I receive the greatest fulfillment when I am able to practice with others despite injuries, disabilities or perceived limitations and show that yoga is truly a practice for everyone to embrace.

When I am not on the mat you can find me enjoying the outdoors hiking, biking, running and swimming. “

Rachel Lynn Sebastian


"When we say "it's okay," "don't worry about it," "this shouldn't be bothering me," "it's not important," etc. we are invalidating our own feelings and suppressing our own healing process. There is ALWAYS a reason behind each and every one of our emotional triggers and NO one is over sensitive: NO ONE. Most severe emotional triggers are connected with past trauma that either involved a "life or death situation" or the perception of "love lost." There is a reason you've always felt this way. It can be cleared NOW. This is Theta Healing.

I came upon my own journey as a healer by necessity; I had the diagnosis of breast cancer followed shortly by the experience of panic and anxiety disorder. At one point, as I held on to the brittle thread (that was my sanity) I remember thinking, “Cancer is nothing compared to feeling like I'm losing my mind – if I can remember who I am again – I can do anything.”

I was, then, divinely guided into the Theta Healing® practice and never looked back. Theta gave me the courage, confidence and strength to face my fears, anxieties and worries head on. Theta not only put me back in the driver's seat, but it also gave me the tools to create the most incredible experience of life. Life FEELS better and better – and that's what matters the most to me."