*Despite our name, not all classes are hot! Low&slow, low-heat vinyasa, and low-heat restorative are a great fit for those who do not prefer the heat.

Hot Hatha

This class is similar to the Bikram style of yoga. We will do a series of poses in a 2-set sequence in a heated room. This is a structured class, consistency will create physical and mental harmony that will be realized in all areas of your life. Room Temp: 100-105

Hot Vinyasa Flow

A flow class done in a heated room to aid in the release of toxins and accelerate blood flow. We will flow through postures linking breath to movement. Anyone who does regular yoga will enjoy the added challenge of this class. Room temp: 100-105

Hot Power Vinyasa

Done in a lower temperature than hot vinyasa but still heated at about 100 degrees. It incorporates push-ups, standing poses and possibly arm balances. You will get your heart rate up while also linking your breath to movement.

Low&Slow/Low-Heat Vinyasa

Great practice for yogis of all levels. Beginners will learn the fundamentals of postures and the purpose of the poses.   Experienced yogis can get deeper into the postures by holding longer and with intention. Emphasis on alignment and breath in a lower heat. Room temp: mid-high 80s

Ashtanga Yoga

This class is based off the primary series in Ashtanga yoga. Ashtanga is a sequence of vinyasa yoga, linking breath to movement, and begins with a structured standing series, followed by a seated series which incorporates vinyasas between the seated postures. This class will be a great introduction to anyone interested in learning more about ashtanga, which is a great self-practice to continue on your mat at home. "Practice and all is coming" is the infamous quote by Sri Pattabhi Jois, guru of Ashtanga yoga originating in Mysore, India. Expect to build significant heat internally, and open up deep areas within the body.

Warm Yin

A practice blending traditional vinyasa flow with resorative yin yoga! The first majority of the class will be a detoxifying, centering vinyasa flow, and finish off with holding restorative, deep stretching postures on your mat. Get deep into relaxation and rejuvenate the deep muscles. Room temp: high 80s 

Hot Yoga Sculpt

Boost metabolism and build lean muscle mass as you move through a vinyasa yoga class with an added element: weights (optional). You’ll combine free weights with cardio to intensify each yoga pose while mixing in strength-training moves like squats, lunges and bicep curls. *Bring your own weights (2): We suggest 3lb or 5 lb, with the option to increase to 8 or 10 if you need more-- note that weights are not a requirement, and you will still get a lot of body-weight strength training without. Room Temp: 95-100

Meditation & Connection

Meditation is no longer for those that can easily sit still and quiet their mind for hours on end.  Certified Theta Healer, teacher and Spiritual Medium, Rachel Lynn Sebastian, introduces a brand new technique that transcends the age old belief that “it is what it is” in a highly active meditative process (for those with highly active minds)!  Experience anxiety, body aches and sadness simply evaporate into the ethers via Transcendent Release.  This modality is a 3-step process that involves acknowledgement, duplication and timeline collapsing. The result (once mastered) is a feeling of absolute peace, presence and the inability to emotionally connect with what was first bothering you.  Transcendent Release naturally takes the meditator on a journey from gentle engagement with “self” to a connection with “all that is.” Shift belief systems that no longer serve you, calm anxiety or utilize this practice to manifest your most passionate desires.  The class is guided and there will be a 10-minute window (after class) to receive additional coaching.  This is an ongoing practice that one must learn and regularly engage in (in class or at home) to assure mastery and the best results.  This class is INCLUDED with your Unlimited Membership, as part of your Class Packages or simply drop-in for $16.